About Us

Welcome to K-Pra Foods

where tradition blends seamlessly with taste, a legacy that has flourished since 1948.

Born in Pune, our journey spans an impressive 75 years, making K-Pra Foods a beloved choice among Indian food enthusiasts globally. From Flours to Spices, Pickles to ready-to-cook delights and Pre-Mixes, our extensive array of over 70 products caters to every culinary need.

At the core of our narrative stands Smt. Kamalabai Bhat, fondly known as ‘Ajji’. A beacon of strength and independence, she embarked on her entrepreneurial voyage in 1948, crafting masalas to support her family. She named her endeavor "Keshav Lakshmi Prasadhan", aka “K-Pra” drawing inspiration from their revered Deity ‘Lakshmi Keshav’ & Prasadhan meaning cosmetics. ‘Ajji’ believed just as cosmetics enhance beauty, her masalas elevated the taste and allure of every dish. Today, her spirit lives on in every product we offer.

Kamlabai Bhat

Crafted with meticulous care and infused with a homely flavour, our products are fashioned from natural ingredients meticulously sourced from trusted vendors. We take pride in ensuring our creations contain no added Class 2 preservatives, while preserving the authenticity of flavours.

From Retail Chains to Hotels, Restaurants to Wholesalers, K-Pra products reign supreme as the discerning choice. Supported by a team of over 200 dedicated employees, our products grace the shelves of all major retail outlets, tantalizing taste buds worldwide.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to quality, K-Pra Foods has expanded its reach to over 3 continents, with volumes soaring ever higher. Our journey is fuelled by a passion for flavour and an unwavering dedication to excellence in every bite.

Embark on a culinary odyssey that transcends borders and delights the senses. Experience the essence of tradition, savour the taste of ‘K-Pra Foods’.

Vinayak Bhat